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N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)acrylamide, HEAA CAS 7646-67-5

Purity: ≥85.0%

Appearance:Clear, or Light yellow Viscous Liquid

Capacity: 500tons per year

Packaging: 25kg/barrel; 200kg/barrel

Sample: available

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N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)acrylamide, HEAA

N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)acrylamide, HEAA  Quick Details

Chemical Name: N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)acrylamide, HEAA

CAS No.: 7646-67-5


Molecular Formula: C5H9NO2

Formula Weight: /

Assay: 85% min

Sample: available

N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)acrylamide, HEAA Typical Properties

Item Unit Specification

Supper Grade



Appearance / Clear, or Light yellow Viscous Liquid Clear, or Light yellow Viscous Liquid
Purity %,m/m ≥85.0 90%
Color Hazen ≤200 165
Waster Content %,m/m ≤10 9.5%
Acidity(As MAA) %,m/m ≤0.20 0.04%
Conten(acrylamide) %,m/m ≤3.0 3%
Inhibitor Ppm,m/m 50~100 50

N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)acrylamide, HEAA Applications

· Textile printing glue

· Pesticide intermediates

· High solid acrylic resin solution

· Photocuring reaction monomer

· Polymer for adhesive

· Cosmetic polymer

· Pharmaceutical intermediates

· Self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion

N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)acrylamide, HEAA Packaging and Shipping

Package: 25kg/barrel; 200kg/barrel

N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)acrylamide, HEAA in Storage

Stored in the dry and ventilated inside storeroom, prevent direct sunlight, slightly pile and put down

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