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p-Toluenesulfonyl chloride CAS 98-59-9

Purity: 99.5% min

Appearance: White crysraline power

Packaging: 50kg/drum

Sample: available

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p-Toluenesulfonyl chloride

p-Toluenesulfonyl chloride (PTSC) Quick Details

Product Name: p-Toluenesulfonyl chloride

Other name:Tosyl chloride ; PTSC ; 4-Toluene sulfochloride; 4-methylbenzenesulfonyl chloride; Toluene-4-sulfonyl chloride; 4-Toluolsulfonyl chloride; p-Tosyl Chloride

CAS No.: 98-59-9

Chemical formula: C7H7ClO2S

Molecular Weight: 190.65

Molecular Structure: p-Toluenesulfonyl chloride CAS 98-59-9

p-Toluenesulfonyl chloride (PTSC) Specifications

Item Specifications
Appearance White crysraline power
Purity 99.5% min
Moisture 0.05% max
Free acid 0.1% max
Melting point 67.0℃ min
Color (APHA) 20 max
OTSC 0.2% max

p-Toluenesulfonyl chloride (PTSC) Usage

As a fine chemical product, p-toluenesulfonyl chloride is widely used in dye, medicine, and pesticide industries.

1. In the dye industry, it is mainly used to manufacture intermediates for dispersion, ice dyeing and acid dyes;

2. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is mainly used to produce sulfa drugs, metsulfuron, etc.;

3. As a pesticide intermediate, it is mainly used for mesotrione, sulcotrione, metalaxyl, etc. in the pesticide industry.

p-Toluenesulfonyl chloride (PTSC) Packaging


p-Toluenesulfonyl chloride (PTSC) Storage

Keep container tightly closed, store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.

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