On July 21, 2018, all employees of Zhonglan Group Headquarters, Cultural Company and Commercial Company came to Miyun to carry out the employee building activities with the theme of “Ingenuity, You and Me”. The event played a good role in promoting team cohesion and strengthening good communication and communication between team members. It laid a good foundation for everyone to work together and sprint the company’s annual business objectives

On the morning of July 21, all members came to the event site. After a simple ice-breaking event, the two-day group building event also officially kicked off. In order to strengthen employees’ understanding of the company under the new strategic leadership, the group building activities have specially increased the company’s presentation: the group’s strategy, brand, marketing, operation and other related departments are responsible for their respective businesses. A comprehensive and vivid theme presentation was made. Through warm exchanges and interesting questions and answers, everyone has a deeper understanding and understanding of the company’s basic situation and the core points of the new strategy in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

Cui Zong also said at the scene that he was very happy to be able to gather with everyone through such a form. This group building is an opportunity to strengthen communication and exchanges between colleagues and enhance mutual understanding between departments. It is also an experience of teamwork. In resources, each of our employees is like an engine, playing its own strengths under the platform of resources. The goals set by the new strategy are not just a number for resource people, but also the driving force and direction for progress. I hope that all the people in the resource family will work together to make the company bigger and work harder and deeper in the industry. In this way, we can find the future of development, and we can realize our own value through a platform like resources.

After an hour of presentation training, on the morning of July 21, all the staff came to the Great Wall Scenic Area and began a new day’s mission challenge. The team members first receive different tasks by group. According to the arrangement of the coach, the five teams participating in the event have to face different challenges. The players face various games and difficulties in the face of “one finger clearance”, “dancing youth” and “flying over the earth”. Can, one by one, some are responsible for field drills, some are responsible for arranging the implementation steps, some are responsible for reminding matters… All the links are carried out in an orderly manner and full of fun. In the end, as the missions were broken one by one, the players also increased their mutual trust and understanding.

At the end of the morning’s brain power battle, the players ushered in the afternoon physical challenge – walking around the lake. In the scenic spot of the Great Wall in the late autumn, the color is mottled and the autumn is thick. The team members are growing up in the distance between the mountains and the mountains. They face all kinds of difficulties and dangers. Everyone has fully exerted the spirit of fearless danger and courage to climb, with a positive attitude. While experiencing the fun of one step and one scene, we constantly overcome one challenge after another. At the same time of accomplishing the task, everyone not only harvests the beautiful scenery and the joy of the challenge, but also the understanding of the strength of the team.

The two-day group building activity not only carried out further exchanges and interpretations of all employees in the company’s strategy, but also tempered the will of the resource people in a more interesting way through various links. The determination of resources to unite and work together, to achieve the company’s goals. It has also created a more up-to-date corporate culture and laid a more solid foundation for the development of Zhonglan Group.