what is the Side Effects of Tetrasodium EDTA in cosmetics

When we use soap or shampoo , we can see it contain Tetrasodium EDTA , so whtat is Tetrasodium EDTA or is there any side effects in them ? Hope the following information can help you

Tetrasodium EDTA, we usually called ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, may also be referred to as edetate na, tetrasodium salt, tetrasodium edta and many other terms used in industries. The main property of tetrasodium EDTA is to decrease the reactivity of metal ions in the product, which makes it an important ingredient when making soaps. To make it simpler, this chemical is used to make water soft.
As you use soaps and cleansers to wash dirt and grime, these products also attract metal ions that are usually found in hard water. EDTA-4NA is added to these skin care products to neutralize the effect of metal ions for soaps and cleansing agents to become more effective.

Side Effects of EDTA-4NA

There are no known side effects of tetrasodium EDTA. It is deemed safe to use as an additive to cosmetics so long as it is used in limited or certain required amounts set forth by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert panel. In limited amounts as well, it is safe to use in foods according to the Food and Drug Administration.
Although tetrasodium EDTA is safe to use in personal care products and in cosmetics, there is a small percentage of the population that may be sensitive to this chemical. If you experience any untoward effects such as skin irritation, rashes or inflammation after using personal care products that do contain tetrasodium EDTA, it is advised to discontinue using the product right away.
If you have extra sensitive skin, consider consulting with your dermatologist for the most appropriate skin care product to use. Young children and infants who have sensitive skin should consult a dermatologist as well for the right kind of product to use for their skin and hair care.

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